I grew up in Central Indiana and made the choice to live and work right here in Johnson County. My wife and I love this community - the people, the traditions, and our Hoosier values - and we're comfortable raising our daughter here.


My life has been dedicated to fixing things in need of repair. From antique motorcycles to vintage racing cars, I've brought incredible value to each project. I've also enjoyed reviving an abandoned centuries-old home for my family. I'm ready to bring my creativity and my private business background to our Statehouse.

I'm not a career politician - far from it. But I'm running for State Representative because I believe I'm the best candidate to bring your voice to the legislature in Indianapolis. We share values. We share pride in our community. Let's work together to protect our identity, promote our values, and provide a safe home for our families.

  • Proud traditional American, husband and father.

  • Strong defender of the Second Amendment.

  • Strong pro-life advocate.

  • Strong fiscal conservative demanding low taxes.

  • Strong supporter of school choice and homeschooling.

  • Strong supporter of small business.

  • Strong advocate for restoration and preservation of American history and culture.